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Northern Opportunities is pleased to announce the completion of the articulation of its Partnership.  This report has endeavoured to capture our partnership’s evolution and structure as well as achievements and challenges over the past ten years. It is hoped that this will assist other areas of the province in developing a collaboration model in their region to benefit students, parents, employers and communities.

We would like to thank Sage Transitions of Kelowna for their work in the articulation of our partnership as well as all who participated in interviews.

Additionally, we wish to acknowledge and thank the Northern Development Initiative Trust for the visionary spirit in which they promoted and supported us to complete this process.  Without their financial support this project would not have been possible.

Northern Opportunities Export Model PDF

Northern Opportunities – Supporting Personalized Learning Options


Careers can begin while still in high school:  Students in Northeastern B.C. are being given that opportunity.

With a view ‘beyond bricks and mortar’ this collaboration of industry, education and government, is supporting  students to be ‘Trained in the North’ so that they can “Stay in the North’.

Career Pathways may begin in a number of different ways, including work experience and apprenticeships as well as through university transfer courses.

Dual Credit Programs available at local Northern Lights College campuses are making it possible for secondary students to begin post secondary pursuits while still in high school.

Why should students apply? Whats in it for me? How is this program different from ‘regular’ high school?

What’s in it for Parents? How can Northern Opportunities help my teen?

Employers: How can Northern Opportunities benefit my company? How can I access a skilled workforce?

Your partnership with Northern Opportunities will have advantages for you and also contribute to Northeastern BC communities.

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