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By , May 2, 2009

Employer & Industry Opportunities

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How can Northern Opportunities benefit my company?

  • Access to a local labour pool with core competencies required for skilled employment
  • Training aligned with industry standards and expectations
  • “Trained in the North for the North”

How can I access a skilled workforce?

For the programs presently available in this region, click on “The Programs”  link in the menu above.

Contact us

  • Make arrangements with the post-secondary institutions to speak with program graduates.
  • Come and talk to the graduates at the “trades fair”
  • Promote opportunities in your industry within the schools
  • Tap non-traditional talent pools – Check the benefits of hiring First Nations employees
  • Add your organization to our online employer directory

What resources are available to employers?

  • Get referrals for potential employees
  • Contact Pam Eales at or the T.R.A.D.E.S. office for apprenticeship support.
  • State your expectations through the Employers’ Steering Groups
  • Find out how to make work experience work for you?  download “Northern Opportunities Resource Manual Employers
  • Get the latest Industry Training Authority news at

Plan for the future

  • The entire Northern Opportunities program came about because of a partnership with industry. You are an important part of the process.
  • Train a workforce to meet your specific needs. Invest in youth and gain benefits for both your company and our communities.
  • Youth bring fresh ideas, energy and enthusiasm to the workplace. Youth are your opportunity to develop long term, skilled and effective employees.
  • Failure to act might mean missed investment opportunities and reduced productivity if you cannot find the skilled workforce that you need.
  • Contact us if you have a suggestion or any training needs.

Interested in getting involved? This is how you can help:

  • Participate on a steering committee or program advisory committee
  • Provide input into the curriculum
  • Offer opportunities for job shadowing, work experience and mentorship
  • Invest in apprentices
  • Facilitate career information, industry speakers, and site tours
  • Assist with training by opening your worksite to students and instructors
  • Provide equipment, tools and training resources
  • Make financial contributions to specific projects to expand pathway options
  • Promote skilled careers as first choice career options
  • For further information, Contact us.

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