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By , May 2, 2009

Some First Nations/Aboriginal Initiatives

Chalo School

Chalo School’s goal is to support the Fort Nelson First Nation’s vision by creating opportunities for the intellectual, social, emotional, cultural and physical development of its students. Visit www.fnnation.ca for more information.

NENAS (North East Native Advancing Society)

A founding Northern Opportunities Partner provides “Hollistic human resource development for First Nation and Inuit people of Northeast BC.” Their vision is to create opportunities for First Nation and Inuit people to realize their full potential while supporting the unity and cohesiveness of First Nations in Northeast BC. Visit their web site at www.nenas.org

Metis Association of BC

Métis Provincial Council of BC represents the political, legal, social and economic interests of the Métis people in BC to local, provincial and federal levels of governments, funding agencies and other related bodies. In addition, the MPCBC undertakes an advocacy, coordination and policy-making role on behalf of Métis Citizens on BC.

Talk to your school counselor or aboriginal support worker to get information about all of the programs available to you.

Are the skilled trades right for you?

Aboriginal First Nation StudentsEmployers expect an increased demand for experienced trades people! First Nations/Aboriginal youth represent one of the fastest growing resources for skilled workers in British Columbia. The oil and gas industry acknowledge that First Nations/Aboriginal people will be an essential source of skillful trades people as industry moves northward. In the next ten years, up to 5% of First Nations/Aboriginal people will be employed in the apprenticeable trades.

The apprenticeship model bears similarity to traditional knowledge sharing in the First Nations/Aboriginal culture. Many First Nations/Aboriginal youth have shown interest, ability, and a natural aptitude in trades and technology careers. For more information on all the dual credit programs available, visit the Programs link.

Follow these links to find out more about Aboriginal resources for people interested in pursuing a career in the trades

  • North East Native Advancing Society – Administers, coordinates and facilitates training programs and services according to the terms and conditions of the Aboriginal Human Resource Development Agreement
  • Aboriginal Youth Network – Provides a place where aboriginal youth can find information on employment opportunities, educational options


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