Skills for Success

By , May 4, 2009


  • Mathematical Skills

    • applied skills (math that is relevant to industry applications)
    • strong arithmetic skills : add, subtract, multiply, percentage, whole numbers, decimals, fractions, conversion of decimals to fractions,
    • circumference of a circle, compression ratio measurement (temperatures, metric system, graphs, percentage, use of measuring devices, area, volume, mass).
    • trigonometry
  • Communication Skills:

    • technical and basic reading and writing skills
    • verbal skills: the ability to talk to others and seek out needs
    • the ability to locate information
    • presentation skills
    • the ability to read for and write to communicate ideas and information
    • spelling and editing skills
    • basic communication skills
    • ability to document
    • use of computers for learning in accessing information
    • ability to understand updates of processes, codes, regulations, mandatory documentation)
  • Scientific Literacy:

    • many grade 9/10 outcomes followed up and/or reinforced
    • applied science skills (e.g. physics and chemistry)
  • Technical Literacy

    • basic computer skills
    • ability to communicate electronically: send e-mail and compose e-mail
  • Safety Skills:

    • critical thinking re safety; awareness of consequences
    • understanding and awareness that there are safety rules
    • attitude: the importance of safety
  • Environmental Ethics

    • ability to think of the big picture
    • understanding of cause, effect and ramifications of actions
  • Teamwork Skills:

    • ability to work as a member of a group
    • ability to problem solve as a member of a group
    • able to contribute productively to a group
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving:

    • understanding of cause and effect
    • ability to look at a trades-technology case and work through it using a problem solving approach

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