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Natural Resource Management Camp 2017

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By , October 17, 2017

Natural resource mgmt. camp

With the combined efforts of our local Canfor Mill and the Council of Forest Industries, local companies and ministry employees donated their time and energy to show a group of students different opportunities for employment in the diverse industry of forestry. Students had a great time learning about road engineering, silviculture, timber cruising, archeology and fire management. Thanks to all the sponsors who took time out of their busy schedule to give students a glimpse into this fascinating industry.

Text by Jeffrey Mayer

From +40 °C to -28 °C

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By , March 13, 2017

That’s a temperature differential! Harvansh Singh (who immigrated to Canada just over a year ago from overseas) braves the cold to view heavy equipment in action during a tour of an active cut block. Thanks to Canfor and to COFI for organizing the trip for the courageous students who wouldn’t let extreme cold stop them from taking advantage of this opportunity.

(Photos and text by Work Experience teacher, Jeffrey Mayer of North Peace Secondary School)

Students (and Mr. Mayer) on a loader during live cutblock tour

Secondary student Harvansh in front of a pile of freshly cut logs

Live Cutblock Tour for Students Who Braved the Cold

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By , March 9, 2017

Students from School District 60’s NPSS braved the frigid temperatures to take part in an annual cutblock tour on Monday, March 6. Wind chill brought the temperature to a feel of -28, but students enthusiastically proceeded to witness amazing heavy duty machinery and operators perform their skilled work. Students were exposed to the full logging process. They observed standing forest all the way to shipment of logs via logging truck.

First, surveyors collect data on a harvest site, then feller buncher machines (with very powerful circular saw blades) cut the trees down and lay them down in loose groups.

Close up of the cutting head of a feller buncher machine

Click to look at the insanely serious teeth on this feller buncher machine. The blade was approximately two inches thick!

Skidders come on scene next to make very neat piles near the side of the logging road for the next workers. Skidder operators strive for nearly perfect stacks of trees, as messy piles on any step of the process equates to lost efficiency in the overall logging operation. Then, processor operators pick up trees, one by one, to strip them of branches and cut them into smaller logs. These are placed near the side of the road for loaders to place onto waiting logging trucks. Trucks then haul the logs to the local Canfor mill or OSB plant for further processing and manufacturing. These wood products are then sold all over the world … and school district students got a firsthand look at where it all starts.

Log piles made with a feller buncher machine

The students were impressively engaged. NPSS Work Experience teacher, Jeffrey Mayer has taken numerous groups of students on this tour, and was pleasantly surprised by the great, thoughtful questions posed by the group to the two industry workers who led the school group around.

Thanks go out to Fred Klassen, site superintendent and Wes Neumeir of Canfor for showing the group around and providing many insights. Thanks to all for braving the frigid temperatures and enjoying a day in nature.

Cut logs awaiting pickup by a loader

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