Criminology 101

By , January 10, 2012

The Criminology Bridging Certificate is a one-year credential designed to help students make a successful transition into the university-level study of Criminology at Northern Lights College. This Certificate offers goal-motivated purpose and direction by presenting a formal option for students who may need to upgrade their academic skills before becoming immersed in more advanced course work related to Criminology.

The Criminology Bridging Certificate consists primarily of courses in the Career and College Preparation (CCP) Program. Selected CCP courses place emphasis on critical thinking, clear written and verbal communication, the ability to process complex information, and social awareness. The Certificate also includes two university-level criminology courses, enabling students to gain some familiarity with courses in their chosen discipline.

Given the selection of course work from the Career and College Preparation Program, completion of the Bridging Certificate simultaneously permits students who have not graduated from high school to obtain the BC Adult Graduation Diploma (the Adult Dogwood).

The Certificate is delivered primarily via face-to-face courses. Some courses are available online. When necessary, some courses may also be video-conferenced. Not all courses may be offered at every campus, nor each year.

Certification: Criminology Bridging Certificate

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